The frontline Leader is one of the most important roles in premier organizations. Leaders hold the keys to member engagement, and therefore are essential to performance success. The frontline leader is also one of the most difficult roles in the organization.  

Great leaders are not simply good field providers with titles. They are not frontline micro-managers. They are not necessarily executives in the making, but they are leaders with the best people skills in the organization. 

Great frontline leaders must be masters of:

Pure Leadership Model to lead with Confident Humility:

Lead with Confident Humility

Be Responsible

Be Motivated with Fierce Resolve

Be a Genuine Partner

Supported  by key Leadership Skills, Knowledge & Abilities:

Problem Solving A3 Thinking
Developing a High-Performance & High-Reliability Team  
Emergency Management Practices 
Finance 101 Annual Budget/Capital Planning/Expense Management

Great leaders don’t just appear – they are developed.  This program is designed for anyone who has or will have frontline direct reports or teams, as well as anyone who aspires to improve his or her effectiveness as a manager and leader in the field.

The Leadership Academy is delivered in five chapters in comfortable virtual settings that invite participation and openness. Class size is limited to 25 participants or fewer, and two faculty members are always involved in the sessions.  A total of 15 sessions will be scheduled over a 20 - week period during early evening hours. Online sessions will be recorded and posted as points of reference or make-up sessions.   

Rather than rely on long PowerPoint lectures, these sessions are engaging, lively, and participatory. Dialogue is ongoing, questioning is encouraged, and laughter is common. Fifty percent of the time is spent in dialogue, small group exercises, and role-playing. Students have the chance to see, practice, and critique actual leadership activities in a safe environment. 

Most importantly to ensure we create new habits, each student will have a one-to-one 30 minutes coaching session for each of the 15 sessions or a total of 7.5 hours over 20 weeks. This will provide each leader to ask questions in a safe environment as well as the instructor/coach an opportunity to ensure the new skills, knowledge, and abilities are put into action using our "Coaching for Success" model. 

Each session has a specific agenda, but the agenda is always modified to fit participants’ needs. 

The Dutch Mentor 


Walter Dusseldorp, MBA, FACHE, EMT-P Sr. Healthcare Executive 

Kirk Oborn, MS Executive Coach

Emily Kaplan, DrPh Education EMT- P 

Andrew Gioseffi, CPA, Business Management/Finance 

Power of Focus!


Creating Team Unity! 

We will customize to be company specific including separate cohorts (min 15 students)

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The  Academy is an intense once per week 90-minute session over 15 weeks of an experiential education program designed to develop frontline leaders into high-performing leaders to drive improved outcomes in safety, quality, training, and transformation. 

This course work is most appropriate for physicians, Nursing, Administrators and next-in-line officers, emerging leaders, and/or current officers. 

Co-Hort #1 Leadership  Academy 

 Course Schedule Wednesday Eve 430-6P

Sept 15th - Dec 22nd 2021

  Leadership development for Hospitals & Emergency Services  

   Physicians        Nurses         Fire/EMS     Administrators