Vision Statement 
It is my personal mission in life to make a difference in health outcomes by developing leaders, solving complex problems, and innovate for the future. 
I have seen it too often where highly successful technical people are promoted into leadership roles and falter due to a lack of their innate leadership skills, knowledge, and abilities. 
As responsible leaders, providers and organizations, we need to invest in our leaders and at times invest in ourselves. 

Servant - Humility - Responsible - Motivated - Genuine - Partner

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Awards & Recognition

Testimonial/Business Reference

ACHE Leader to Leader Award

(March 2017)


National Award from American College of Healthcare Executives for outstanding performance in guidance, mentoring, and coaching of the next generation of executive leaders

ACHE Senior Healthcare Executive Regents Award

(June 2017)


Recognized by American College of Healthcare Executives for continued leadership and educational support to up & coming leaders in New York City. 

40 under 40

(December 2007)


Recognized by Rockland Business Association as a thriving young leader with a promising future to keep an eye on. 

Advisory Board Member 

Lubin School of Business

Transformative Leadership Program 

I have had the great pleasure of working with Walter and his team on leadership development. From our very first interaction, it was clear that he "gets it." Based on my own observations through our direct interactions, and seeing how he interacts with his team, there are 3 key elements that most strongly define Walter:

1. He's an inspirational leader who connects at the heart level, and he has an uncanny ability to engage, grow and nurture high potential emerging leaders. It's clear that he cares deeply about his team's growth, individually and collectively.

2. He's an expert at transformational leadership, with deep E2E knowledge of the Healthcare System. He excels at first creating and then driving, high-performance teams to grow revenue and bring products/processes to market.

3. He's built a strong and balanced portfolio as an innovator, educator, coach, and mentor to those who report to him and beyond.

Walter would be strong an asset to any organization, especially those in the Health Care industry that can draw on his deep knowledge and experience, and who are struggling with transformational change brought on by digital disruption, intense economic pressure on the health care delivery system, the focus on evidence -based approaches, and the pandemic.

Dusseldorp & Associates, Inc. - Business Solutions


Founded: 2012

Owner: Walter Dusseldorp, MBA, FACHE


Areas of expertise:  Healthcare, Business Operations, Finance, Quality, Performance Management & Improvement, Transformation and Leadership Development

Walter Dusseldorp, MBA, FACHE, Certified LEAN/Six Sigma Black Belt, and an Author & Thought Leader in the healthcare industry for over 20 years with a proven track record of developing high-performance teams. Our focus is to build strong operational structures based on empowered local leadership teams balancing Inspirational Leadership and Operational Effectiveness utilizing our proven strategy "Operational Rhythm". 

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Proven Track Record in companies within the Health Care System, Productions, and Support Services.

1. > $20M savings through supply change cost reduction strategies focused on 8 waste
2. > 10M in revenue recovery through behavior modeling technique and process controls 
3. Increased Patient Satisfaction rating by 25%+ through the "Strive for Five" model 
4. Improved "Defects per Million Opportunities" (DPMO) in Quality/Safety outcomes through process controls and daily management system application 
5. Increased promotion rate by 10% by pipelining and developing next-level leaders 
6. Improved KPI's by 10-15% through establishing "Business Intel Systems" and "Control Towers"

References available on request to validate accomplishments and financial gains.