12-Hour TDM World-Class

"Problem Solver Program" 

Courses will be taught in 4 x 3hr segments which will include didactic and practical application of new learning. It is a tailored program for the adult learner and designed for sustainability.

 Segment 1: Introduction to LEAN/SixSigma      

Segment 2: Introduction to A3 Thinking

Segment 3: LEAN Toolbox

Segment 4: Daily Management System

At the conclusion of segment 4, you will have completed a small project using A3 Thinking including the use of several LEAN tools. Students should be able to replicate his/her new learning in every project going forward.

Post-program coaching for sustainability and continuous professional development is available for all students.

Individual Program: $2750/Student

Team Program: $750/Student…min of 10 Students….max of 20 Students

Return on Investment (ROI) will come directly from the projects that will be executed during the course work! 

10-hour TDM Coaching Program

"Creating new Habits"

Opening conference via FaceTime or Skype to discuss your career path and to develop a sense of your key attributes, strengths, weaknesses and passions. 

Develop an "Individual Development Plan" using my 70-20-10 approach 

Review/discuss/revise your resume/CV/Linkedin Profile 

Conduct at minimum weekly one-hour long coaching sessions to build a robust action and accountability plan via FaceTime/Skype 10hrs total time.... we can conduct multiple sessions per week depending on your personal goals & objectives

Provide support via email and text during 10-week program

Session conducted in early evening hours or weekends to ensure we have dedicated quiet time with little to none distracting noise & activities

Coaching with Walter is an engaging and exceptional experience. Continued coaching has enabled me to successfully enter and navigate a new workplace and fluctuating environment while continually building my skills as a new leader. He is truly vested in those he coaches. Walter puts great effort to ascertaining goals and needs of the individual and to tailoring coaching sessions, topics, and resources to match those goals, and develop both skillset and mindset with the worldview of a seasoned Healthcare Executive. Expect to bring your “A” game as Walter demands work, focus, and progress. Similarly, coaching sessions have a holistic approach balancing the dynamics of career, personal, and wellness goals. Walter’s approach, tools, evaluations, feedback and understanding of the differing needs of leaders provide a bastion of resources and support for healthcare professionals seeking growth and to lead within their organization. I strongly recommend coaching with Walter for healthcare professionals, at all levels of career growth, seeking to develop their leadership abilities, build organizational success, to meaningfully contribute to their work, and to those they lead.

Coaching Plans 

2020 The Dutch Mentor Programs 

"A Fresh New Beginning to kick start your Career!


50% upfront and 50% at the end of the program. 

Satisfaction guaranteed!

Payment accepted via Venmo app.

Specific - Measurable - Attainable - Realistic - Timely 

TDM Coaching Outcomes

Career path defined around your core strengths, passion, skills and abilities 

Primed Linkedin Account 

Primed Resume/CV including clear measures of success

 Master Positude Leadership Principles

Learn to balance "Inspirational vs.Operational" Leadership