"The Dutch Mentor Services "

Individualized Coaching & Mentoring:

Career Guidance Counselor

Countermeasure to Peter Principle

Coaching for Success

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills


You have been curious however hesitant to take the plunge....Hire a seasoned LEAN expert at an affordable cost, complete a project of your choice to gauge ROI!.

This is a perfect solution for someone who is skeptical and goal oriented. We can deliver consistent coaching, develop improved processes and 6S your work place one area at the time. People, Process & Things!

Public Speaking Engagements:

Key Note Speaker 60-90 minute inspirational power talk on "Positude Leadership 4 Strategies & 5 Skills"

Book Club Topics; Positude Leadership 

Public Speaking ; Leadership, Culture, Transformation & Performance

LunchNLearn Series 4 Strategies & 5 Skills 

Performance Management and Quaility Tools:

LEAN - A3 Thinking

KAIZEN - Rapid Improvement Events

Six Sigma - DMAIC Modeling

Crew Resource Management

Root Cause Analysis incl. Failure Mood Analysis

Facilitate Key Business Initiatives:

Mission, Vision & Value development

Setting Teams up for Success using Operational Rhythm 

Change the Culture, Change the Game