Creating Team Unity! 

The Dutch Mentor/Coaching! 

Every winning team has an awesome Mentor/Coach, you should as well! 

Learn to lead with  Positude, it's a winning recipe for long-term success

At Dusseldorp & Associates, Inc. our focus is unlocking the magic from your most valuable players at your Organization. We bring staff members together and empower them to Lead & Manage on local level following our basic four positude leadership principles:

Love those your Lead!
Lead through Context, not Control!
Create a Safe Environment
Power of Focus!

Make a wise investment in your own future by joining our team today.

Simply sign up and have direct access to a professional new age coach who will work relentlessly to get you in the best position possible in your current role or to set you up for your next leadership role or career move.

You don't have to be an executive to be coached, actually, it's highly recommended to start when you are a middle manager and need to differentiate yourself from the masses. 

We fundamentally believe in a sustained "Coaching for Success" model to create a new norm for your managers in 90 -120 days through a weekly 1hr coaching session via FaceTime/Skype/Telephone. 

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Run a controlled experiment to measure ROI. 

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